Wednesday, December 11, 2013

curtain repair

So... my bosses, bosses, bosses assistant came to me a few weeks ago saying there was going to be a board-member brunch at the director's residence, and that the badly tattered curtains in his living room needed some mending. A few hours later... he brought them by. Long, billowy, and beautiful silver fabric. As I did for the hemming of the bridesmaids dress, I hung the curtain spaced along a four foot wooden 1.5" x 1.5"for inspection

The hand-stitching along the bottom of the curtains had either come undone or was pulled out, exposing the little weights. Luckily, the fabric still held the memory of how it was folded, so I could simply fold it back up and pin it, and tack it with a straight stitch. Where a weight was missing, I got a medium sized washer from my personal tool-kit, and hand stitched it in place. My only concern was that if I was going to machine stitch the two I was repairing, would it match the other hand-sewn curtains in the directors apartment?                  

I had to take that chance because hand sewing them would take about a week, and the party was that weekend.
     I had a chance to inspect my work a month later during our Christmas party. I was satisfied when it took me a few minutes to figure out which of the curtains I had repaired.