Saturday, June 7, 2014

MacBeth -costuming


 In January, I had the honor of helping to create, and alter existing costumes, for Skinhorse Theater's production of "The Scottish Play". For the week leading up to dress rehearsal, I moved my machine and materials into Tigermen Den in the Bywater, and hung out with these awesome talented people. The fact that the script had been economized to be preformed by only 5 actors was a plus, but then there were 5 people playing 12 seperate characters so the focus moved to changing them convincingly.
      Lee had already found a perfect pattern and material for the three weīrd sisters and I spent a day with him in his studio finishing, fixing, and reinforcing their hooded "body cloaks".
To Organize, I made a wanted poster for each of the characters. Where I had not yet photographed the actors in their costumes, I downloaded funny (sometimes) images of other versions of those characters from thespian history. As I surveyed each persons costume, I would write ideas down of how to add to it or a list of alterations that needed to be performed.

Crowns. Always a crucial wardrobe prop -after all it IS what all the murder is about innit? Thanks to Southern Costume Company in the CBD for letting me dig around for a few hours. Serious contender on the left and as a joke, the other.
 Below are some production stills by Bill Brown. Enjoy

Really had a wonderful time working with these awesome people. Looking forward to sharing some current sewing for theater projects that I am working on. Be sure you visit you some fringe in the fall.

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