Sunday, November 30, 2014

"For the Sins...."

Had the distinct pleasure of assisting in the costuming of "For The Sins I Can Remember" ( this Fringe season ( and was really happy with how the alterations and original pieces turned out. I concentrated my efforts on these two clowns (angel clowns!) and wanted to design and build them some footwear.

The male clown needed the most help. He was swimming in his coat, belt held together by duct tape (yes he was taping it on for each performance), and the britches hid too shyly behind the his big jacket. I think it takes away from even the best actors' performance, to have to pretend like their costumes fit, will stay on, or otherwise make sense. 

Some experimentation implied. For the soles of our Victorian Angel Clown slippers, Mod Podge  on black canvas was the winner because it gave the material a tough and stiff coating, which would not only prevent the actors from walking through the sole, but also would help to pull and keep the sides down to the floor.

With the slippers inside out, I put the soles on. For the male clown, I made the size somewhat larger and cartoony, and padded out from the inside to insure that the actor could perform all of the physically comedic footwork without the slipper, well, slipping.

Turn right-side out, and lace-up with well, lace.

Taking in the jacket was relatively straightforward. I took into consideration the sleeve lengths in ratio to the torso, and decided to just take about 2 inches out of the side seam. The shoulder pads, which were actually hotglued in, needed pinning down into the shoulderseam. The pink bit in the photo is a big prop pocket, that I also seamed into the side.

The knickers they had used in the New York run were real sort of chaste underwear like you would find at WalMart, and I was convinced that a more exaggerated and cartoonish pair were needed to show a little more out of the bottom of the jacket. They still could have been longer in the leg.

Still waiting on some photos from the actual performance, but seeing it on Sunday night, I was very pleased. Costuming sometimes happens best when it goes unnoticed, and only about half way through the show, did I remember to look at the costuming for anything that "bothered my eye". I would have preferred another 4 inches of knicker to show, but overall very happy. What an honor it was to work with these awesomely talented people. To Jenny and the cast Thanks!

P.S. the cops and fire marshall in the background are not part of the production. lol. I am not even going to mention the exit sign saga.

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